Tips for Sending Corporate Gifts That Get Noticed

Corporate Gifts that Get Noticed

If you want to show appreciation to your business partners then skip cheap branded pens and make the gift count. Corporate gift baskets can be used as a marketing strategy and you should maximize their impact and send a gift that will get noticed.

Don’t Go Overboard

Even though you are trying to get a gift that will get noticed, you don’t need to go overboard. Gift baskets are meant to show gratitude for the personal relationship you have with the customer. If you send a gift that is too valuable and too expensive then it can imply you are trying to buy the customer’s business. This can get you noticed in a bad way. When it comes to showing gratitude, a reasonably priced personal gift can do so much more. Even if you don’t want to spend a lot of money, inexpensive branded items are better for trade shows. While you can still use gift giving as a marketing tool, you are better off putting some more thought into the gifts.

Less Is More

In conjunction with not going overboard, give fewer nicer gifts instead of a bunch of cheap ones. You can also keep in mind that it may not be better to give gifts to everyone. You would be better off making a list of your best business colleagues and customers. It can be better to make a big impression with a small group than an impression that is forgettable on numerous individuals.

Give Something Useful

The best gifts are useful to customers in their own daily business activities. You should find something that makes life easier or can help solve a problem for them. Even something like a gift basket to help promote relaxation can be a great simple gift that is useful. Choose a well designed coffee basket, because who doesn’t need more caffeine in the corporate world? Think of gifts you would want to receive yourself.

Sell the Gift

When you give the gift, explain to the person why you selected it and why you thought he or she would appreciate it. This lets the recipient know you took special effort in the selection of the gift. People do want to do business with companies they trust and care about. This special effort shows you do care and took the time to think of a thoughtful gift for them.

Make It Special

The best gifts to give are ones that the customer doesn’t expect and or given at a time when a customer doesn’t expect it. Many customers will send out corporate gifts during the winter holidays but it may make sense to send out a gift during another time of year when someone isn’t expecting it. This helps gifts stand out from the crowd.

Don’t Violate Any Laws

It’s important to be aware of legal constraints on any corporate gift giving in the customers’ industry and your own industry. There could be federal, local, or state laws that prohibit certain gifts. You don’t want to have your effort to pick out the perfect gift be unnoticed because of laws that say certain industries are not allowed to accept gifts. It’s not just about laws either. Some companies in general have specific rules that prevent employees from receiving gifts. You will need to be especially cautious if your recipients are part of a government agency. If your gift isn’t accepted, you waste effort and money.

Consider the Packaging

While the gift itself is the most important, you should also be careful to think about what the packaging says about you and your brand. No matter what the gift is, the presentation is also important. The perceived value of a gift can be enhanced with the right packaging. When shopping for gifts, choose ones that includes presentation packaging or a quality gift bag. It’s the details that can show you pay attention and helps get your gift noticed.

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