We're Growing!

Did you know that Pleasant Surprises is a sister company with Le Caramel? You can find these artisan caramels in many of the gift boxes found on the Pleasant Surprises website.

It all started in 2007 when Christen and Vincent Kugener met Daniel Palix, one of the best French caramel makers. M. Palix, nearing retirement, wanted to pass on his proprietary recipes to the next generation of entrepreneurs who would carefully continue his legacy. As luck would have it, the newly married duo was invited to travel around France for a year with M. Palix learning how to manufacture and sell traditional French caramel.

Having enjoyed many summers in sunny southern California with her family, Christen and Vincent moved to the U.S in 2008 where they set up a caramel factory in east county San Diego. Now incredibly happy to call America's Finest City their home, they have grown from a one product business—authentic French sea salt caramel candies—to a large manufacturing boutique with award-winning products.

Learn more about Le Caramel by visiting https://le-caramel.com/.


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