Impressive Ways to Show Appreciation to Keynote and Presenter Speakers

Thank You Gift Ideas for SpeakersKeynote and presenter speakers are an important part of conferences and events. Name recognition and their reputation can be a selling point in the pre-event marketing and their performance can either make or break the experience of an attendee. It’s common for planners to give their keynote speakers and presenters a way to say thank you. Chances are speakers are putting in a lot of work to prepare for your event. If they have a good experience and feel appreciated then they and tell other colleagues or influencers how much they like your event. While a handwritten note is a great starting point, you can do more with a small gift. Depending on your event, there are a number of ways you can show appreciation to your speakers.

Gifts to Help Speakers Be More Productive

Gifts that help your speaker continue to be productive in their career can go a long way. Choose a beautiful notebook so they can jot down any new ideas they have. Wireless headphones can be a good gift for technology lovers and can help speakers get into the productivity zone. Notice what kind of laptop or tablet the speaker uses and gift them with a spare battery or other device accessories. Electronic accessories are things many people appreciate but don’t buy for themselves.

Gifts They Will Enjoy

There are plenty of gift options that your speaker will just enjoy. Choose superior coffee because who doesn’t love a great cup of coffee? Try a personalized bottle of liquor. You can even tie it into the event. If your event is in the South you can choose a bottle of Kentucky bourbon. If it’s up in Northern California, a bottle of local wine can be the perfect choice. You can also choose goodies for everyone back at home. Speakers can leave behind a coworker that needs to pick up the slack. You can acknowledge the sacrifice of being away from the office with a special order of baked goods or food that can be delivered to the office. Speakers can also enjoy a gift basket that ties into the theme of the event with high quality products that can be taken home and enjoyed. A gift basket doesn’t need to tie into the event; if you know what the speaker enjoys and their preferences then you can have a customized gift basket sent to show your appreciation.

Gifts That Will Make Them Laugh

Humor can be a good thing. A custom made bobblehead is a gift guaranteed to make the speaker smile and a gift they likely don’t already have. You can also invite a caricaturist to the event to sketch and have the artist draw one of your speakers. After the event is over, the speaker can take the artwork home for an original gift.

Go Beyond the Gift

Sometimes, the nicest gift is a donation to someone else. If you know a cause close to a speaker’s heart or are relevant to their subject matter, you can choose that or you can opt for a more general business-minded charity. Give a gift of a memorable experience. Choose something specific like a gift certificate to a new restaurant or spa. If you can do things to boost their profile, such as articles featuring them, that can be helpful. A referral for the speaker to another speaking event shows that you like their work and believe others should be hearing from them as well.

Tips for Picking Out the Perfect Gift

Be sure to think outside normal convention swag. It doesn’t have to be expensive but it will need to be something more unique instead of just branded items. Do some research before the start of the conference to figure out something your speakers like. If possible, it’s nice to present the gift before the speech and when they arrive at the conference.


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