How to Welcome and Impress your Airbnb Guests

Competition on Airbnb is fierce - it's online user base is growing exponentially, with it even threatening some local hotel chains. While this is good for those who want to take advantage of Airbnb, only strategic hosts will be able to prosper. One of the best ways to ensure a memorable experience for guests is to engage all of their five senses as soon as they enter your home. Here's how:

Engaging The Sense of Sight With Colors

As a homeowner, it's very easy to orientate yourself within the area and the home. But for strangers, they'll appreciate markers so they can have some sense of direction. For example, a small Airbnb logo next to the door or the name of the guests in a chalkboard sign will be a welcoming gesture and will ensure that the guests found the right home. Invest in your entryway. This is one of the first areas that your guests will encounter when they enter the home. You want to hit the mark with your first impressions. Invest in a fresh coat of yellows, green, or a bright blues. These colors invoke emotions related to friendliness, stability, and trustworthiness. Also, make sure that the entryway has some sort of utility. You can do that by having hooks on the wall for jackets and coats, a shoe rack, or a table that has pertinent information about the home, interesting facts about the neighborhood, or a map to the nearest attractions, restaurants and events. Make sure to leave the lights on. You do not want your guests to spend time fumbling for a light switch that they may not be able to find right away. Again, it's all the little details that are taken in on a first impression of your home. 

Sense Of Smell Is Closely Tied To Memory

If appropriate, lighting a chamomile or lavender candle will put your guest's mind at ease after such long travels. During the winter months, place a couple of sticks of cinnamon in a pot of boiling water; the whole place will smell like homemade apple pie for several hours afterward. Conversely, be careful of over doing it on scents. Many people are sensitive to scents and you want to be aware of this. 

Be Honest about Sounds

Inform your guests that there might be noise disturbances when they arrive. It may largely be circumstantial — maybe there is construction happening at the neighbor's home, or workers are installing power lines nearby, or perhaps the walls in the home are thin and sometimes they might hear the pattering of footsteps overhead; regardless of the reason, your guests will appreciate your honesty. If you live in a city, then the noise is going to be inevitable. But you can help buffer some of the noise out by using a white noise like a fan running in the bedroom.

Sense of Touch

Whether turning on the air conditioner or powering on the space heater, you want to make sure that the temperature is just right for your guests. Also, you can double-check with your guests and inquire as to what is the preferred temperature range. Don't forget to include instructions on how to change the temperature in the home.


You can offer your guests something to eat. While you might be tempted to offer local foods, they might be foreign to your visitors. Instead, offer universal favorites like old-fashioned doughnuts, fruits, granola bars, or cookies. You do not want to offer a feast to your guests — you just want to appease their immediate hunger. You can also be creative with what you offer to drink. If appropriate, your guests will appreciate a local bottle of wine or beer or a wine themed gift basket. Alternatively, you can also simply offer your guests several menus to local restaurants and eateries.

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