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We provide our customers with an enjoyable and easy gifting experience, while really wowing their recipients with unique, impressive and memorable gifts. So, whether you’re sending personal birthday wishes to your favorite uncle, thanking a valued customer, or celebrating a special occasion, we have a gift for that!  

We say no to outdated looking gift baskets with plastic ivy and funky foods that nobody really wants to eat. We say yes to reinventing the traditional gift basket with containers that will get used again, trending styles, and best-tasting gourmet foods. We say no to gifts that blend in and look just like everyone else’s. We say yes to your gifts standing out with personalization and our signature style. Your gifts aren’t just sitting on a shelf waiting for your order. They are made-to-order, and handcrafted with an individual, personal touch. 

We’ve been at this for over 25 years. We’ve seen it all, and done it all. Really. We’ve won awards, taught classes, and have been recognized as a leader in our industry. But our most valuable achievements come from our customers. Businesses that trust us to create gifts for hundreds of their best clients. Grandmas that welcome a new grandchild across the country. Corporations that create long term gift programs to enhance their marketing efforts.

Our success is achieved one client and one gift at a time. We consistently provide impeccable customer care, and pay close attention to every detail, ensuring that each and every order is carefully managed with flawless and timely personalized service.

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